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I've only made gyouzas from scratch once and they do take some elbow grease as you said, but very rewarding in the end. Nice photos.


The gyoza looks absolutely delicious!!!!! My mouth is watering as I type. It's lunch time at work and I look forward to a blah sandwich.....Oh, how lucky you are!!!!!


Jenjen, homemade gyoza are so rewarding! Totally worth all the work (easy for me to say that this time, since I didn't actually do any of the work!)

Carlyn, don't feel too bad. It's not like gyouza are an acceptable lunch on a working day- even without garlic these ones were pretty potent...


Oh, gyoza. I am planning to make them from scratch soon - I haven't tried that yet. There is a recipe in the Kyou no Ryouri May issue that I picked up in Chicago, so as soon as I can translate that I may give it a try.


very nice!!

May H.

hi, my name is May and i hope you wont mind me asking what is the recipe for the gyoza skin? i have to make some for dinner tomorrow night, yours looked too good!

Many thanks.


Jen, I love Kyou no Ryouri! I hope your gyoza turn out well.

May- sorry! My husband used a Japanese recipe he found online, and now I can't find it.

May H.

May, thanks for looking anyway. :-)

May H.

oops, i mean Amy!


Hi Amy - I think you've captured what differentiates home made dumplings from what you get frozen, or premade and frozen - it's the slightly chewy skin, and control of the fillings. I grew up eating potstickers and various versions of gyoza - but until my Mother In Law made Jiaozhi from scratch...it has ruined me.


May, I'm always typing my name as May. Or Yma.

Kirk, there is just no comparison between store-bought and homemade! I even think homemade gyoza are better than most restaurant gyoza. If only they were easier to make...


was searching for sembei when i came across your blog. saw this picture of homemade jiaozi (nice pictures!) and was reminded of my time in Taiwan. my students would come over to my place and we'd make jiaozi together...then enjoy! i think that's the best way to enjoy homemade jiaozi!

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